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Community Sports Education Center

The Community Sports Education Center was established in September 1998 to ensure the physical and mental well-being of Ewha’s community members. It provides a variety of science-based exercise programs, aiming to help the Ewha community to enjoy some time of leisure and manage their stress. The center currently runs two sub-centers; the Physical Training Center and the Fitness Center each with their own programs and locations. The centers are equipped with cutting-edge training equipment and all the programs in the center are headed by professional instructors.

The Physical Training Center is located at the Students’ Culture Building and offers mainly yoga, tennis, and squash programs. It also offers the Ewha Saturday Sports program which runs 50 minutes on every Saturday. Students can sign up to participate in a variety of activities including magic tennis, table tennis, basketball, squash, golf and K-pop dance.

The Fitness center is located at ECC and offers PTs (personal training), musculoskeletal system improvement programs, 3-dimensional lumbar stabilization classes, as well as indoor climbing and golf classes.