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Institute of Archives and Records Management

In our current knowledge-based society where knowledge and information play key-roles in determining competitiveness, it is of vital importance that not only the government, but also public and private institutions collect and preserve records systematically and efficiently to manage them for future use.

According to the Public Records Management Act enacted in 1999 and revised in 2006, it is mandatory for public institutions to have archivists who are responsible for the management of systematic public records. The law requires in chapter 78, article 1 (revised in February 2011) that archivists must be qualified professionals with a bachelor’s degree in library and information science as well as history and records management. Previously, a master’s degree was required to qualify for this kind of position, but after the law was revised, qualified personnel with bachelor’s degrees in library and information science and history could also work as professional archivists in private or public institutions.

To meet the legal and societal needs for professional archivists, Ewha Womans University gained permission from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security's National Archives of Korea to establish the Institute of Archive and Records Management in August 2011. The institute conducts systematic research on records management and offers courses to students to foster practical skills incorporating newly-developed digital archiving and classical archiving, thus playing an important part in the progress of records management in Korea. Moreover, Ewha's excellent education environment and facilities are also improving the quality of future archivists.