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Ewha Media Center

The Ewha Media Center consists of three on-campus media organizations: Edae Hak-bo, a weekly Korean college newspaper, Ewha Voice, a bi-weekly English college newspaper, and EUBS, the Ewha University Broadcasting System. Each organization dutifully reports campus events as well as main school news and comments on various social issues.

Edae Hak-bo

Edae Hak-bo is a Korean weekly student-run college newspaper. The paper was first published on February 12, 1954, with the objective of helping students with their school life and informing them about local issues and events. The paper is published by staff that consists only of students, from the planning phase up to the final editing phase. To ensure that the student staff is properly equipped to fulfill their duties, various programs are available, including a news article writing program and special lectures by actual newspaper reporters. Edae Hak-bo is not only a respected students’ news source, but also widely acknowledged as an example of outstanding journalism among college newspapers. Working on the staff of Edae Hak-bo directly benefits students. Reporters who complete their term receive a certificate from Ewha’s President. Furthermore, approximately 400 alumnae from this publication have found jobs in various related fields including media, publication and education.

Ewha Voice

Ewha Voice is a bi-weekly English college newspaper which is an essential English source for international students, foreign exchange students and foreign professors. Ewha Voice is sent to over 170 foreign organizations, embassies and alumnae associations around the world. With its first publication on June 10, 1954, Ewha Voice is the first English college newspaper in Korea. It began to be published in a super-tabloid eight pages format once a month, but changed the publication interval to bi-weekly so as to meet the increased demands of readership. Ewha Voice is also a student-run newspaper same as Ewha Weekly, where staff devotes themselves to each process of publication. Including Ji-ae, Son, the former Arirang International Broadcasting System CEO, Ewha Voice alumnae are active in leading the society.


EUBS (the Ewha University Broadcasting System) was established in April 1972, with the objective of cultivating a campus culture that is wholesome and to reflect accurately on public opinion. It broadcasted news related to Ewha throughout campus and hosted the Ewha Singing Contest and the Ewha Broadcasting Show until January 2008, when it was decided to change the news broadcasting format to correlate with the changing environment of media. EUBS currently creates and broadcasts campus news through its news program “Ewha News” and documentary program “EUBS Meets Ewha” on a bi-weekly basis. Broadcast contents are delivered through the Ewha homepage, Plasma Display Panels (PDP) installed throughout campus and YouTube.