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table for Clubs
Name Description Student Union Room No. Extension No. Homepage
ESAOS Orchestra 215 7608 instagramfacebookyoutube
Jazz Two Five Jazz appreciation and performance 521 7614 instagramyoutube
Film-making Club Noue Documenting films on social issues 441-1 7601 instagramyoutube
Siloam Mandolin Orchestra Mandolin appreciation and promotion 418 7605 facebook
Central Pungmul Band Aec-mae-gi Pungmul (traditional folk percussion) appreciation and preservation 424 7606 instagram
Classical Guitar Society Yeyulhwe Classical guitar appreciation and performance 214 7609 instagramyoutube
Ewha Choir Music appreciation and cultural participation 419 7611 instagramfacebook
University Drama Club Enriching university life through theater 426 7612 instagramyoutube
Folk Drama Society Tal Korean mask play 425 7613 -
Band Hansori Music appreciation 423 7618 instagramyoutube
PYRUS College cheerleading 402-3 7616 instagramfacebookyoutube
Tuhon Dance for liberation movement 401-3 7615 -
Action Pop Dance 402-2 7607 instagramyoutube
Rock Band Release Ewha’s only rock band 341 7603 instagram
Hangaram Puppet Play Society Puppet theater 502-2 7617 instagram
E-MU Amateur musical theater 502-3 7610 instagramyoutube
Raon Soul Ewha’s only hip-hop club, including MCing, DJing, B-girls and graffiti 502-4 7602 instagram
View Hallo Jazz dance B106-1 7604 instagramyoutube
Lilyewha Korean traditional music performance 526 7673 instagram카페youtube