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Dormitory(Hanwoori Hall)

Ewha is the first female school dormitory in Korea. Ewha residence started as a Korean-style building and became western-styled dormitory main hall(1897-1923), the brand new building “Frey hall(1923-1935)” that time equipped with water-supply and steam system and “Hwanghwa building(1932-1935)”. At the end of the era of Chung-dong in 1935, the new dormitory was built along with the transfer of the new village campus (1935-1974), where some 600 people lived with modern facilities. Today, it consist of Hanwoori House opened in 1999(undergraduate students, law school students, students preparing to take a state exam), I-House(exchange students, Ewha language center program students, foreign faculty and researchers), E-House opened in 2016(freshman, graduate students), and Medical college dormitory opened in Feb, 2019. Approximately 4,300 students mingle, make lasting memories and work towards their goals and challenges.


E-House which was built along with Hanwoori House was newly constructed as 8 environmentally friendly buildings utilizing ‘Green Energy’ such as sunlight generation, and geothermal power generation. Indoor space of university dormitory, which can accommodate approximately 2,150 freshman and graduate students is not the common form of hallway dormitory but the form of public residential housing unit. It accommodates 2~10 people altogether, since it is designed as a public residential housing unit including single to quad rooms. Students can naturally learn cooperation, communication and teamwork through housing experience in Ewha. E-House also has guestroom for short-term research faculty and researchers.

Hanwoori House

Hanwoori House which is located in the most favoured position near Palbok hill with scenic view consist of building 101, building 102(Soseul-gwan), and building 103(Ottogi Global House) opened in Feb, 2016 with approximately 1,330 residents. Undergraduate students stays in the Hanwoori building 101, 103(Ottogi Global House) and building 102(Soseul-gwan) is for the law school students and students who preparing to take a state exam.


I-House which is located nearby University church and west gate consist of 5 buildings incluidng buliding A&B, EWHA-SAMSUNG international dormitory opened in Feb, 2016, bulding D opened in 2012, building E opened in 2013. I-House is for exchange students from all over the world, Ewha language program students and guests

Medical college dormitory

Medical college dormitory opened on February 2019, along with the relocation of college of medicine’s Magok campus. Medical college dormitory can accommodate about 179 residents and is equipped with various facilities such as lecture room, medical library and seminar rooms to support the academic work of students of medicine.