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Center for Innovation in Engineering Education

Founded in 2006, the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education aims to establish a system to educate and nurture female engineers equipped with professional knowledge and all the required skills.

The center communicates the vision of Ewha Womans University College of Engineering to the outside world, while continuously working on researching and developing engineering education programs. Our ultimate goal is to foster female engineers according to each student’s needs and to consistently contribute to Korea's industrial development.

Because the center wants to be recognized for its outstanding curriculum, various education support programs are provided which are based on cyclical self-developing engineering education models. To support this goal, the center developed and utilizes their own computer-aided system. The system provides students with a personal learning space to compile and manage their performance results. Through the system, professors have access to a database of students’ activities. They can use this information to provide in-depth counselling to students on their studies and future careers. Furthermore, the system improves the effectiveness of the teaching provided at this college because it supports regular course evaluations and enhancement components to consistently improve engineering education at Ewha.

Based on the principle of creative and interdisciplinary education, the center runs the CIEE aid project. This project aims to encourage emotional growth and academic ability concurrently to incorporate engineering knowledge with the study of humanities, social sciences, and philosophy. Through this approach, the center strategically strengthens students’ abilities to pursue creative convergence, improve job performance and manage the achievements of our business-education partnerships.

The, main duties of the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education are to:

  • 1. Conduct academic researches on engineering education.
  • 2. Host diverse academic symposiums and conferences on engineering education.
  • 3. Develop a system for engineering education.
  • 4. Develop teaching methodology for engineering education.
  • 5. Conduct the accreditation project of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK).
  • 6. Operate ABEEK projects and advertise the ABEEK system.
  • 7. Conduct CIEE aid projects.