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Establishment of New Major, ‘AI Convergence Education,’ within Graduate School of Education
Establishment of New Major, ‘AI Convergence Education,’ within Graduate School of Education The Graduate School of Education (Dean Han You-Kyung) has been approved for a new Master of AI Convergence Education program, as part of the Ministry of Education’s project, and is going to accept admissions applications for a master’s degree of “AI Convergence Education” for the fall 2020 semester. Compulsory software education is broadly introduced in elementary and middle schools starting this year in keeping with the Ministry’s policy to strengthen AI education based on the mandatory curriculum, which emphasizes the necessity for enhancing AI education and cultivating a specialized workforce. The Graduate School of Education decided to establish and operate courses for “AI Convergence Education” within the Education Department, in order to cultivate specialized teachers who will lead innovation in educational contents and methods, in line with the 4th industrial revolution, and to contribute to establishing a leading education system that deals with AI technologies that would bring a turning point in societal transformation. To this end, the school plans to run programs that aim to strengthen practical leadership in AI convergence education by utilizing 4th industrial revolution technologies, in collaboration with various related departments at Ewha University and other excellent researchers in the field of big data and convergence education. It also plans to develop and operate diverse AI convergence education models. In addition, on February 10th (Mon), the school signed a “Memorandum of Understanding for Establishment and Operation of AI Convergence Education Graduate School” with the Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education. It also plans to complete MOUs in March with the Seoul Metropolitan and Gyeonggi-do Education Offices. Elementary and middle school teachers who complete the master’s degree in education (AI Convergence Education) will teach AI convergence classes in their school, and if they are recommended or selected for the program by a metropolitan or provincial education office, they will receive support fund within the amount less than 50% of tuition (up to 1.5 million won). The Graduate School of Education opened in 1967 operates excellent pre- and post-teacher education programs for preschool, elementary, and middle school teachers, and was selected as one of the best graduate schools in the 2016 education institutions evaluation by the Ministry of Education. It was also selected as the best institution in the 2010 nationwide evaluation of graduate schools by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, and the second best in the 2006 evaluation by the Ministry of Education. The school is expected to make another leap forward, with establishment of the new major, to a major institution that cultivates teachers who are equipped with the capabilities necessary in the 4th industrial revolution era.
300 Ewha Alumnae Pass 2020 Teacher Certification Exam
300 Ewha Alumnae Pass 2020 Teacher Certification Exam A total of 300 Ewha graduates have passed the final round in the annual teacher certification examination for the 2020 school year. Ewha produced 270 successful teacher candidates in 2019, 324 in 2018, 281 in 2017, maintaining its status as Korea’s only comprehensive teacher training institution that offers majors in early childhood, primary and secondary school education and special education for core subjects. This year, Ewha produced 190 successful teacher candidates for middle school, 53 for elementary school, 27 for kindergarten, and 30 for non-curricular positions (school health, librarian, nutrition, and professional counseling). In particular, the number of successful candidates from Ewha in the field of special education rose to 43, up by 159 percent from the previous year (27). Ewha also produced successful teacher candidates in the field of home economics, IT and computer, librarian, and nutrition. As in previous years, a number of Ewha alumnae took the top and second places in multiple areas. In Seoul, they achieved the highest score in early childhood special education, the highest and second highest scores in elementary special education, and the highest score in early childhood education. The top-scoring candidates in earth science education and physical science education in Gyeonggi-do, and in music education in Incheon also were Ewha alumnae. Ewha Womans University College of Education Ewha’s history in teacher education began in 1915 when it opened the Kindergarten Training School, and it boasts over 100 years of heritage and competence. Ewha’s College of Education, which has the best and longest history in Korea, received the highest grade four times in the nationwide evaluation of teacher training institutions (in 2015, 2010, 2004 and1998). Ewah’s Graduate School of Education, Korea’s first education graduate school established in 1967, also belonged to the best institution group in 2016 and were selected as the best institution in 2010 and the second best institution in 2006, in the evaluation of education graduate schools, with its leading role in cultivating education experts required in various fields of society as well as providing both pre- and post-education for teachers.

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