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Ewha University

Office of University Administration

Office of Faculty & Academic Affairs

Myung Hwi Lee (Department of Economics) Vice president

Faculty Affairs
Academic Planning and Coordination

The Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs consists of the Departments of Faculty and Academic Affairs and the Academic Registrar. It is in charge of scheduling and organizing school affairs, managing academic courses and students' performance grades, as well as overall operations related to administration and faculty resources. 


The Department of the Register keeps records of undergraduate and graduate students from admission to graduation including course registration, grades, and graduation. It also oversees changes in the register (leave of absence, return from leave, voluntary withdrawal, dismissal, and readmission), major selections (proposing a major, changing a major, minors, double majors), and connected bachelor and master's degree courses. It also issues licenses including teaching licenses and lifelong educator licenses, and holds the register and student records.

Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning takes on the following projects to lead innovation in university education: