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Ewha Language Center

The Ewha Language Center (ELC) was established in 1962 as an affiliate of Ewha Womans University. For the past 48 years, the center has continuously contributed to Ewha’s spirit of education through its foreign language education programs. Through continuous improvement, the center expanded and started offering Korean as a second language in 1988. Since then, the Ewha Language Center, which is currently in its 22nd year of providing Korean classes, has continued to improve and develop curricula, text materials, and pedagogy. These continuous improvements by our outstanding staff, excellent teaching materials and caring attitude towards students all contributed to our status today as the best professional institution for Korean education in Korea in both size and quality. Moreover, "Pathfinder in Korean"- published by the Ewha Language Center - was the first textbook in Korea that focused on communication skills. This textbook combines both language and culture to allow foreigners to learn practical Korean. "Pathfinder in Korean" is currently being used, not only in Korea, but also around the world. Furthermore, "Ewha Korean" is also providing a new, cutting edge way for foreigners to learn Korean. “Ewha Korean” focuses on communication skills and utilizes new teaching methodology that takes the users' needs into consideration.

The Korean programs at the Ewha Language Center are inclusive regardless of nationality or gender. Men and women of all ages from around the world as well as foreigners and Koreans who were raised abroad, are enjoying the benefits of learning the languages and culture at the Ewha Language Center.