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Campus Tour

This program is designed for both overseas and domestic visitors, as well as prospective middle and high school students, to offer an introduction to the university, its vision and campus life.

Campus Tour for Middle and High School Students

In 1997 Ewha became the first university in Korea to introduce student-guided campus tours. An Ewha campus leader, who is a student representative of the school, walks with the visitors and guides them along the scenery of the beautiful Ewha campus. Visitors can learn about the past and present of Ewha and get a glimpse of college life.

Groups of more than 15 and less than 100 students from middle or high schools, youth organizations and other private educational institutions can book a student-guided campus tour. For more information about registering for our tour program, please visit the webpage for Middle and High School Students at (http://tour.ewha.ac.kr)

Campus Tour for the public

All public and private tours of Ewha Womans University are discontinued until further notice. We have an online VR tour available for anyone who would like to explore beautiful Ewha campus from home. (http://www.ewha.ac.kr/ewhaen_vr/)

A note for visitors

Visitors are asked to remember that 25 000 full-time students are attending classes and working on research projects at the Ewha University Campus. For the safety and comfort of the students and staff of Ewha, please adhere to the following policies while on campus

  • No visitors are allowed to enter classrooms or research areas.
  • Taking photos or filming videos that invade students’ privacy, violate their portrait rights or are intended for commercial use, is not permitted.
  • No visitors are allowed on campus after 22:00.
  • Visitors without visiting privileges may be prevented from entering the campus.