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Ewha Academy for Advanced Studies

Today, the pervasiveness of globalization has made education a borderless world. Aiming to be a center of research and education, Ewha is establishing a global academic network by inviting eminent scholars from around the world. This network, called the Ewha Academy for Advanced Studies (EAAS), which was established in February 2007, focuses on academic convergence and integration, and is expected to expand Ewha's presence in a broader academic world.


Through academic exchanges between domestic and international intellectual communities, Ewha Academy aims to realize a united educational system and an exquisite metatheory by which we can break new ground in academic research.

Goals of Ewha Academy for Advanced Studies
  • To be the hub of integrated knowledge exchange by
    • inviting internationally distinguished scholars, and
    • coordinating joint researches between Korean and foreign eminent scholars.
  • To develop and expand applied technology and basic theory by
    • promoting interdisciplinary research and collaboration, and
    • exchanging, creating and integrating knowledge.
  • To plan large-scale research projects by
    • reflecting the trend of academic consilience, and
    • planning a strategic project that can meet industrial needs.

To achieve these goals, EAAS is hosting various academic events including forums, lectures and symposiums, as well as running education programs for East Asian Studies, Graduate Programs, and the Ewha Studiorum Odore, the EAAS executive non-degree program of Cultural Arts, and supporting research projects for scholars, the results of which have been published in the Ewha Academy Series.