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Center for Child Development and Disability

The center’s main goal is to identify and diagnose developmentally disabled children as early as possible in a scientific and comprehensive way and to help them through systematic clinical approaches suited to each child’s developmental needs. Our secondary goal is to enhance the social welfare of our society through various research projects for developmentally disabled children, development of therapeutic and educational resources, training and educating clinicians working with specialized organizations for developmentally disabled children and providing open lectures for parents and the public.

The center’s primary projects cover diagnosis and treatment, education and research, as well as education and training of clinical specialists. It performs diagnoses of language disorders, psychological disorders, obtain educational and working diagnoses and provides children with treatment plans and education after a meeting with the diagnosis council committee.

Available treatment and education ranges from language treatment, psychological treatment, early special education and occupational therapy. Each treatment and education type is implemented according to each child’s needs through a multi-disciplinary approach where close cooperation is maintained between all the specialists involved in the treatment plan. The center also supports academic research and the development of educational materials, including research on Borel-Maisonny Test Standardization, the Ewha-VABS adapting activities test, development and research of psychological language ability tests, developing and publishing the Ewha-Autistic Children Activities Development Estimation Tool (E-CLAC), and translating and publishing the Children Autism Rating Scale (CARS), and standardization of the Korean edition of Psychological Education Profile Revised (PEP-R), translating and publishing Guidance of Autistic Children's Mind Communication, Autism, Musical Treatment for Developmentally Disabled Children, Children's Treatment Approach and the center also published a research journal called Study on Language Acoustics.

With regard to the education and trainings of specialists, the center offers trainees of related majors a chance to act as observers in the field for a certain period so that they can understand the treatment education as it is in practice and gain practical experience. It and also offers specialists a chance to participate in the treatment and education of disabled children.