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Ewha Teacher Education Center(ETEC)

The Ewha Teacher Education Center, affiliated with Ehwa’s College of Education, was founded in 1996 to develop teachers’ abilities and improve their expertise.

Across Korean society, the education level of students is always increasing and there are rapid developments in the theory and practice of education. Therefore, the center seeks to remain up to date and to develop and offer training programs to enhance the professional skills of the teachers who are nurturing the future leaders of Korean society.

Since the center is affiliated with the College of Education, we are able to fully utilize the facilities of the College, which is a comprehensive teacher fostering institute. We continuously train not only secondary school teachers, but also kindergarten, elementary school and special education teachers.

The main functions of the Ewha Teacher Education Center are to:

  • 1. Train teachers to enhance their teaching skills.
  • 2. Train teachers to strengthen professionalism.
  • 3. Help teachers to obtain an advanced teaching license.
  • 4. Research various educational issues.
  • 5. exchange information with related institutions at home and abroad.