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Student Counseling

Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center provides various programs to help the students of Ewha to relieve their stress and learn about their personalities through psychological tests. Available programs include individual counseling, group counseling, psychological testing and special lectures.

The Healing School provides step by step programs (psychological testing, group counseling, lectures, and more) and graduation depends on completing all steps of the program. The highest level (Pear Blossom Mind Keeper: 배꽃마음지기) can work as a peer counselor and support group activities that are managed by students.

Human Rights Center

The Human Rights Center manages problems pertaining to human rights abuse, hierarchical abuse of power, discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. The center promotes programs that work to prevent human rights violations and provides education on promoting human rights awareness.

Health Services Center

The University Health Services Center is a health care center that provides healthcare and medical services to students and staff. The center works to educate and provide health/medical consultations at clinics with the aim of improving the health of students and staff.

Legal Consultation

Among Ewha Legal Professions Alumni(consists of 2,000 Ewha alumni working in legal field: judge, prosecutor, lawyer), 40 legal professions are providing free online/offline legal advice to Ewha Communities.