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Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) has been broadening various international exchange programs to provide services and show leadership in Ewha's globalized education system. We act as a support network for public relations activities related to international affairs, coordinate all foreign visits to Ewha, and offer various inbound and outbound programs across a wide range of academic fields.

  • 1. Develop long-term strategies to enhance Ewha’s international competitiveness
  • 2. Offer full-year and short-term inbound and outbound programs in a wide range of academic fields
  • 3. Support public relations and media activities related to international affairs and coordinate visits by overseas guests and representatives of various academic institutions
  • 4. Provide administrative support for international exchange and academic programs for both students and faculty
  • 5. Recruit international degree-seeking students, coordinate their academic life at Ewha and support their stay in Korea
  • 6. Coordinate the Ewha International Co-ed Summer College

Inhan Kim (Department of Political Science & International Relations) Vice president

International Exchange Affairs
International Student Affairs