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Ewha University

Office of University Administration

Office of Student Affairs

We support students’ various and distinct group activities within the university. Through this, we hope that Ewha students will become more creative intellectuals who can communicate well in a positive group atmosphere, which in turn can create a new university culture.

Kwi Cheon Park (Department of Law) Vice president

Student Services

The office of Student Affairs supports cultural activities in which our strong and creative campus community can participate and encourage the academic and intellectual growth of Ewha students.

  • 1. Support student council
  • 2. Support student clubs
  • 3. Support student-led activities
  • 4. Supervise and support student-related events
  • 5. Office work related to approval of on/off campus activities
  • 6. Office work related to 'school accident insurance'.
  • 7. Publish campus life guidebooks for freshmen
  • 8. Student Union Building Facilities Management

The Student Service Center provides on-going services to students to support their entire campus life.

  • 1. Certificate Issuance
  • 2. Student ID Card/International Student ID Card
  • 3. Academic Verification for Studying Abroad
  • 4. Submission of the Leave of Absence Form
  • 5. Lost and Found
  • 6. ECC Lockers
  • 7. International Express Mail(DHL) Service
  • 8. FAX Service
  • 9. Cellphone Charging Service
  • 10. Umbrella Rental Service
  • 11. Student Activity & Career Certificate Management
  • 12. Information Center
Scholarship and Welfare
  • 1. Making functional plans for scholarships
  • 2. Administering the distribution of inside/outside scholarships
  • 3. Issuing letters of recommendation for outside scholarships
  • 4. Reporting scholarship statistics
  • 5. Managing scholarship regulations
  • 6. Supporting the KOSAF(Korea Student Aid Foundation) loans
  • 7. Counseling for scholarships and financial aid
Volunteer Services
  • 1. Offer Volunteer Courses I·II·III
  • 2. Select/Train/Deploy Ewha volunteers
  • 3. Support volunteer clubs
  • 4. Public subscription for volunteer clubs and major-related service programs
  • 5. Host volunteer-related events including "Creating a Beautiful World"
  • 6. Issue certificates for the completion of volunteer service, other certificates and verification forms
  • 7. Join and support other volunteer programs
Student Counseling

The Student Counseling Center, staffed by counseling and clinical psychologists, offers a variety of services to help students, faculty, and the community with mental health issues. The Center provides assistance and support for personal, interpersonal, and vocational issues.

Support Center for Students with Disabilities(SCSD)

The Support Center for Students with Disabilities facilitates academic accommodations and services for students with disabilities so that these students are provided with access to University programs and activities, and can participate fully in all aspects of university life.