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Ewha University

Office of University Administration

Office of General Administration

The Office of General Administration provides general assistance to all Ewha students for a comfortable campus life. It consists of the Office of General Affairs which conducts and manages school affairs, the Office of Personnel Management which oversees personnel and welfare, the Office of Property Management which manages Ewha's assets, and the Office of Welfare Services which operates its related facilities.

Dukyoo Jung (Division of Nursing) Vice president

General Affairs

The General Affairs Team oversees the execution of campus administration. Its responsibilities include:

  • 1. Management of seals and documents
    • Supervision, registration and abolition of seals
    • Oversight and management of incoming and outgoing documents
  • 2. Supervision of campus safety
    • Handling matters with regard to guards, fire prevention, disaster response, security, and contingency planning
  • 3. Maintenance and management of campus environment
    • Waste water and waste management
    • Posts on campus management
  • 4. Administrative support
    • Phone facilities and phone number management
    • Print room management
    • Mail management
    • Parking management
  • 5. Others
    • Room use program management
    • Civil defense drills
    • Operation of faculty and staff associations
    • Operation of campus cafeterias under the direct management of the school and training centers
    • Shuttle bus operation
Personnel Management

The Personnel Management Team is in charge of personnel appointment, job duties, staff training, issuance of certification and verification, and labor affairs. This team supervises faculty and staff compensation and matters relating to the Korea Teachers’ Pension, Korean Teachers’ Credit Union, and social insurance.

  • 1. Personnel matters
  • 2. Staff job duties
  • 3. Staff training
  • 4. Compensation for faculty and staff
  • 5. Korea Teachers’ Pension
  • 6. Social insurances (health insurance, national pension, employment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance)
  • 7. Labor affairs
  • 8. Others (issuance of certification and verification for staff, matters with regard to the Korean Teachers’ Credit Union)

The Property Management Team oversees the management of school property including school sites for educational use and school buildings and facilities, machines and furniture, supplies and equipment. It also provides supplies for campus events.

  • 1. Inventory management
    • Inventory inspection and registration
    • Oversight of equipment changes (transfer, transport, and disposal)
    • Equipment inspection
    • Purchase of supplies for central administrative organizations, new buildings, and newly- established organizations
    • Clearance of apparatuses and equipment for education and research and follow-up management
    • Management and provision of supplies for events
    • Recycling of used equipment
  • 2. School site and facilities management
    • Acquisition and disposal of permanent assets for educational purposes
    • School site and facilities management
    • Litigation, taxation, rental affairs with regard to real estate
    • Management of changes to space use
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