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Office of University Administration

Office of Research

The office establish a research university system that leads the knowledge-based society of the 21st century, improve the excellence of research in a variety of areas encompassing interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary areas, and actively support the research activities and research infrastructure of faculty members to strengthen their research capabilities.

Hyang-Sook Lee (Department of Mathematics) Vice president

Research Planning
Research Support

The Office of Research Planning is responsible for the planning and analysis of the research performance of Ewha and to improve the university’s research output.

The Office develops and operates various support programs such as the support of personnel, the research papers published in national/international academic journals, academics books, hosting and facilitating participation in international academic conferences, seed money for large external research projects to promote the faculty’s research activities.

The Research Planning Team also reviews the establishment and abolishment of research institutes and is in charge of evaluating and supporting the institutes for research initiation and maintenance.

Research Management

The Office of Research Management provides comprehensive services to internal researchers regarding all aspects of research administration including the collaboration of the internal and external research projects, applications, agreements, grant enforcements and reports submitted to funding agencies so that researchers are free to focus their attention on their research projects.

To this end, the office provides guidance and materials for various research support projects and works on behalf of research applications and agreements. Furthermore, the Research Management Team manages and operates the central management system of research funding and research and development for a credit card system to ensure efficient and transparent grant enforcement required by funding agencies such as government departments and agencies as well as government-funded institutions, public institutions, and industries.