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Ewha University-Industry Collaboration Foundation(EUICF)

The Ewha University-Industry Collaboration Foundation (EUICF) is a special on campus foundation, which abides by the legislation pertaining to university-industry collaboration and the advancement of industrial education. It aims to provide the practical research and education that is needed in our industries through the university-industry collaboration, and to nurture core talents and develop technology to compete with those of advanced countries. The EUICF is composed of the Research Planning, Research Management, University-Industry Collaboration Section, and the Business Incubator.

Hyokyung Bahn (Computer Science and Engineering) President

Research Planning

The Office of Research Planning is responsible for the planning and analysis of the research output of Ewha and improving the research performance of the university.

The Office develops and operates various support programs such as support for personnel, the research papers published in national/international academic journals, academics books, hosting and participating in international academic conferences, and seed-money for obtaining large external research projects to promote the faculty’s research activities.

The Research Planning Team also reviews the establishment and abolishment of research institutes, and is in charge of evaluating, supporting the institutes for research activation.

Research Management

The Office of Research Management provides comprehensive services to internal researchers on all aspects of research administration including the collaboration of intramural and extramural research projects, application, agreement, grant enforcement, as well as reports submitted to funding agencies so that researchers can focus their attention on projects. To this end, the office provides guidance and materials for various research support projects and works on behalf of research applications and agreements. The Research Management Team also manages and operates the central management system of research funding and research and the development of a credit card system for efficient and transparent grant enforcement required by funding agencies such as government departments and agencies, government-funded institutions, public institutions, and industries.

University-Industry Collaboration

The TLO(Technology Licensing Office) supports the industrialization of research results and encourages learning and research exchanges with the government, local autonomous entities, government-related research institutes, industries, etc. It also finalizes agreements related to university-industry collaborations and provides support to businesses involved in research development.

The office maintains close ties with the industry by promoting projects for collaboration-related profits. The office runs the working committee and the University-Industry Collaboration Promotion Committee to increase the effectiveness and credibility of collaborations.

Medical Research Collaboration Support
Business Incubator

The Business Incubator assists Ewha students and staff in establishing businesses and discovers and supports prospective venture companies in areas including technology, management, marketing, taxation business, etc.