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Ewha University

Office of University Administration

Office of University Planning and Coordination

The office creates comprehensive development plans for the university to become a leading intellectual community globally. It introduces strategies and policies for effective administration of the university, maximizing the capacity of its core members.

Jae Young Chung (Department of Education) Vice president

Planning and Coordination

The Planning Team is responsible for designing plans for the improvement of the university, development of strategic plans and policies with regard to university operations, establishment or abolition of colleges or departments, handling student quotas, overseeing school regulations, and designing and arranging the use of campus space.

  • 1. Creating university enhancement plans
  • 2. Developing strategic plans and policies with regard to university operations
  • 3. Establishing or abolishing colleges or departments
  • 4. Handling student quotas
  • 5. Managing various school regulations
  • 6. Designing, arranging and assigning the use of campus space
  • 7. Other matters with respect to planning

The Evaluation Team handles matters with regard to analysis and evaluation of university operations, internal assessment, domestic and overseas university evaluations, university information disclosure, and statistical data collection and analysis.

  • 1. Analysis and evaluation of university operations
  • 2. Internal assessment
  • 3. Handling domestic and overseas evaluations of the university
  • 4. University information disclosure
  • 5. Statistical data collection and analysis
  • 6. Other matters with respect to evaluation

Treasury and Finance Management