Registration Guideline


Registration schedule

A. Regular Registration
  • Regular Registration

    Payment Period Tuition Bill Print Payment Available Time
    Regular Feb 20(Tue)~26(Mon) Feb 15(Thur) 14:00~
    • virtual account : 07:00-19:00
    • Credit card(Web site) : 09:00-18:00
    • Credit card(Call center) : 09:00-17:00
    • Wechat pay : 10:00-19:00
    Additional Mar 7(Thur)~8(Fri) Mar 6(Wed) 14:00~
B. Tuition Payment by Installments
  • Students can spread out their tuition payments over 4 installments per semester.
  • 1) Payment Period
    Tuition Payment by Installments
    Number of Installment Payment Period Tuition Bill Printout Payment Available Time
    1st Mar 7(Thur)~8(Fri) Mar 6(Wed) 14:00~
    • Not available : Credit card, Wechat pay
    • Virtual account : 07:00-19:00
    • Tuition installment payment bills can be printed without any application
    2nd Apr 4(Thur)~5(Fri) Apr 3(Wed) 14:00~
    3rd Apr 24(Wed)~25(Thur) Apr 23(Tue) 14:00~
    4th May 8(Wed)~9(Thur) May 7(Tue) 14:00~
  • 2) Amount
    Tuition Payment by Installments
    Number of Installment Amount Notes
    1st 1/4 of tuition fees + other miscellaneous fees
    • Full payment can be made during each installment period
    • Students should pay each of the four installments on time and any unpaid balance will not be carried forward to the next installment
    • If a student fails to pay the total amount of tuition by the 4th installment period, she will be regarded as expelled or on a leave of absence and her course registration will be canceled
    2nd 1/4 of tuition fees
    3rd 1/4 of tuition fees
    4th 1/4 of tuition fees
  • 3) Student NOT qualified for tuition installment payment
    • Credit Registration students taking less than 10 credits
    • 2024-1st re-admitted students
    • Students whose scholarship benefits exceed three-quarters(75%) of the tuition paid
C. Credit Registration (Student taking extra semester)
  • 1) Payment Period
    Credit Registration(Student taking extra semester) Payment period
    Payment Period Tuition Bill Print Payment Available Time
    Mar 18(Thur)~19(Fri) Mar 18(Thur) 07:00~
    • Virtual account : 07:00-19:00
    • Credit card(Web site) : 09:00-18:00
    • Credit card(Call center) : 09:00-17:00
    • Wechat pay : 10:00-19:00
  • 2) Target of Credit Registration
    • Credit Registration is for those students who already have registered and completed 8 regular semesters (=the years required for graduation) but still need to take more credits in order to graduate
    • The years required for graduation according to University Regulations Article 23 is 4years(8semester) but Architecture major is 5years(10 semester) and College of Pharmacy is 6years(12semester)
  • 3) Tuition for students taking an extra semester
    Tuition for students taking an extra semester
    Registered Credits Tuition Notes
    1 ~ 3 credits 1/6 of full tuition
    • Students who are not taking extra semesters pay full tuition regardless of credits
    • Student who are taking more than 10 credits can pay tuition by installment payment
    • No refund of tuition under any circumstances when you withdraw your classes after you paid your tuition
    4 ~ 6 credits 1/3 of full tuition
    7 ~ 9 credits 1/2 of full tuition
    10 credits of more Full tuition

Tuition Bill Printout

A. “Simple Printout Service(간편출력서비스)” (Click here) ☞
  • Login : ID(Student ID), Password(6 digits of date of birth) → 「Registration」 → 「Tuition bill」/「Installment Bill」
B. Eureka of Ewha Portal (Click here) ☞
  • Login : ID(Student ID), Password → 「EUREKA」 → 「myeureka」→ 「Registration」→ 「Tuition bill」/「Installment Bill」
C. Mobile Eureka
  • Ewha Womans University App →「Menu」 → 「Menu」 → 「Ewha Mobile App」 → 「Registration」 → 「Tuition bill」/「Installment Bill」
    ‣ ID : Student ID, Password

Payment Procedure

A. Remit tuition to the Shinhan bank virtual account
  • 1) Each student should remit tuition to the payment account (virtual account) specified on their tuition bill by using Shinhan Bank or any other financial agency. (via Internet banking, direct payment, phone banking, or ATM transfer)
  • 2) The virtual account given to each individual student is only for tuition payment.
    (Recipient’s name is shown as (“이화여(your name)”)
  • 3) When using an ATM, please use 「다른업무→지로/공과금/등록금/송달료」 menu on Shinhan bank ATM (Code of School of Ewha Womans University: 43109)
  • 4) You are only able to make one payment to your virtual account. If you wish to pay miscellaneous fees bill(such as the student health center fee, Student Association Fee etc), you can add these bills to your tuition and should make one payment with total amount. Each virtual account can only receive one transfer per payment period.
  • 5) The daily transfer limit of the bank account should be increased before remitting tuition by ATM
  • 6) Miscellaneous fees are optional
  • 7) Any transfer fees incurred will be the student’s expense when using financial agencies except for Shinhan Bank.
B. Payment with credit card “Samsung Card” only
Payment with credit card
Classification Payment Procedure Payment Available Time
Website 삼성카드 납부 바로가기 ☞
“” → Menu → Click “정기결제” → "대학등록금"
Call center 1688-9702 09:00~17:00
  • 1) Students who are paying tuition by installments can’t pay by credit card
  • 2) If you wishes to pay tuition with other bill (student health center bill etc), you need to add the amount to tuition and pay at once
  • 3) Cancelation is available via Samsung card homepage or call center (1688-9702) on the day the payment was made.
  • 4) Credit card payment can only be made in full, and can not be shared with cash
  • 5) If your credit payment has been processed properly, a card approval SMS by Samsung card will be sent to your mobile phone
  • 6) You can verify the payment in the Ewha Portal system after 11:00 a.m. next day
  • 7) Tuition payment made with credit card will not be included in credit card tax allowance lists at the year-end tax adjustment.
C. Payment with Wechat Pay
D. Foreign currency remittance of the tuition (Please NOTE)
  • 1) The remitted foreign currency tuition must be exactly the same as the tuition amount listed on the bills. If the remitted amount is less than tuition on the bills due to the exchange rate difference and fees, you can not be registered
    • 5%~10% more of the tuition must be remitted in consideration of exchange rate differences and fees
  • 2) The remaining balance of tuition is refunded to the student account entered in the Eureka system.
    • How to enter the bank account in the Eureka system(foreign student)
      : Visit the Scholarship welfare team with a copy of the student's bank account

      Scholarship welfare team location : Student Cultural Center Room No. 203/☎3277-3549)

  • 3) Please be sure to include the student's student ID and name exactly in the sender’s information in an overseas remittance application when remitting tuition
  • 4) Overseas remittance will take time, so please send it 3~7 days before the tuition payment period.
  • 5) Recently, Voice phishing damage from tuition payment has been increasing, so please remit foreign currency directly.

Confirmation of payment

Due to Personal Information Treatment Policy Article 18, it is not allowed to verify of the payment through a phone call

A. Confirmation by Homepage
B. Confirmation by Mobile Ewha
  • "Ewha Womans University" App → 「My Eureka」 → Login : ID(Student ID), PW(password) → 「Menu」 → 「Registration」 → 「Tuition Payment Verification」
C. Payment confirmation SMS
  • 1) Real-time tuition payment confirmation SMS service
  • -   “Ewha Portal System” → Login : ID(Student ID), PW(password) → 「EUREKA」 → 「myeureka」 → 「Registration」 → 「tuition payment confirmation SMS application」 → click  “Accept”
  • -   "Ewha Womans University" App → 「My Eureka」 → Login : ID(Student ID), PW(password) → 「Menu」 → 「Registration」 → 「tuition payment verification SMS service」→ click  “Accept”
  • 2) Samsung card : SMS by Samsung Card Company

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees bills (such student health center bill, etc) are optional. If a student wishes to pay these bills, you should add them to your tuition transfer.

2019-2 Miscellaneous Fees
Other bills Purpose Inquiry
Student Health Center bill
(23,200 won)
University Health Service Center is available only for students who pay student health center bill. You can pay this bill during semester by contact University Health Service Center
  • Free service: regular checkup (once a year, refer to Health Center notice), doctor’s service, prescription, consultation with doctors
  • Paid service: vaccinations etc.
University Health Service Center
Student Association Fee
(7,000 won)
This fee will be used for Student Council operation and autonomous activity. Only student fee payer can get the student handbook. Student Council
Univ. Magazine Fee
(3,000 won)
This fee will be used for producing and editing the university magazine “EWHA” University Magazine Council

Registration for students with full scholarship

If student receives full scholarship(the actual amount on a tuition bill is “0” won) in 2024-1st semester, please register using one of the following methods

A. Transfer only other payments(miscellaneous Fees)
  • Transfer at least one item of miscellaneous fees to a virtual account
B. Apply “Full scholarship Registration System" in Eureka Menu
  • "Ewha Portal " → Login : ID(Student ID), PW(password) → 「EUREKA」 → 「myeureka」 → 「Registration」 → 「Full scholarship Registration」 → "apply"
C. Ewha Womans University App →「Menu」 → 「Ewha Mobile App」 → 「Registration」 → 「Full Scholarship Registration」
D. Print out bills and visit Shinhan Bank window(every branch)

Tuition reimbursement after tuition payment for those who apply for a leave of absence

  • Students who wish to apply for a leave of absence, please do not pay the tuition.
  • For more information on applying for a leave of absence or to return from leave, please visit Ewha homepage website ( → click banner "2024-1st 휴학, 복학안내(2024-1st guideline for leave of absence or return from leave")

Tuition Student Loan

  • Student who wishes to pay tuition by installment can also apply for student loans from the Korea Student Aid Foundation. Please refer to "Guideline for 2024-1st Korea Student Aid Foundation Student loan Application" at Ewha website : “2024-1학기 한국장학재단 학자금대출 신청 안내” 바로가기 ☞
  • If a student on a tuition installment payment wishes to drop out of the School or to take a leave of absence, she first needs to pay the unpaid installment before applying

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