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An absence for a certain period owing to personal reasons (illness or other unavoidable circumstances)

Request Dates

General leave of absence (students who have not registered during the registration period)
  • First Semester: Early December - Late February
  • Second Semester: Early June - Late August
Leave of absence during the semester (students requesting a leave of absence during the academic semester after registration)

Up to 90 days from the first day of classes


Request leave of absence (intranet) → Print leave of absence form → Approval by guardian → Submit leave of absence form (Student Service Center)

Leave of Absence Period

  • Total period allowed during attendance: three years (four years in the case of students in the five-year architecture design course, and five years in the case of students in the six-year college of pharmacy course)
  • Period per leave of absence : Maximum one year (one or two semesters)
    Note: The term for students in the College of Medicine is set at one year. (A leave of absence of one semester is not allowed except in the case of repeating students).
  • Transfer students: Three semesters

Tuition Refund (Leave of absence after registration)

table for Tuition Refund (Leave of absence after registration)
Form Submission Date Refund Amount
Up to 2 weeks after the first day of classes Full tuition refund
Up to 30 days after the first day of classes 5/6 of tuition refund
Up to 60 days after the first day of classes 2/3 of tuition refund
Up to 90 days after the first day of classes 1/2 of tuition refund

A student who receives an academic warning must set up an appointment with their academic advisor. Parents will be called in if a student receives consecutive warnings.

Leave of Absence Period

  • A leave of absence for the first semester is not allowed for incoming undergraduate, transfer or readmission students.
  • A student must turn in a second form for a consecutive leave of absence once the first term is completed.
  • Students will automatically be dismissed if they do not return or extend a leave of absence once its term is over.
  • A leave of absence is finalized only when the leave of absence form is turned in to the Student Service Center. (The date the form is turned in will be considered the commencement date of the leave of absence).
  • Tuition is reimbursed to the account provided via the intranet if a leave of absence takes place after registration.
  • The first days of the academic semesters are March 1(first semester) and September 1(second semester).
  • Students should update their contact information in case of emergencies during their leave of absence. (Log onto Portal Information System → Edit personal information in the top menu).