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Study Abroad Program(Study Abroad Program)

Individual Study Abroad Program

This program allows students to apply individually to overseas universities, and have their credits transferred to Ewha when they return. In order to be eligible for this program, students should complete their application through Eureka and submit the required documents within the application period. Paperwork should be completed before commencing studies abroad and all documents for the transfer of credits must be submitted to the International Exchange Team of the Office of International Affairs upon returning to Ewha.

Summer Exchange Program

This program allows students to study abroad during summer sessions at overseas universities that have exchange agreements with Ewha. Summer exchange students, who are selected once a year according to the terms of exchange agreements, will have academic and cultural experiences at host universities for a set period during the summer break. Summer exchange students should pay the tuition to Ewha and the credits earned at their host university will be transferred to Ewha afterwards.

Short-Term Study Abroad & Language Programs

The Short-term Study Abroad Program provides students with a variety of academic experiences throughout their summer break. Through this program, students can participate in seasonal semesters or language programs at overseas universities. All program expenses will be paid to the overseas host university. Afterwards, students who meet the requirements will receive an Ewha scholarship for overseas training (Short-term Study Abroad).

Faculty-led Study Abroad Program

The Faculty-led Study Abroad Program is an overseas academic training program where students are led by a faculty member who takes the initiative in planning and coordinating the entire program according to the characteristics of their academic discipline. During the summer and winter breaks every year, various teams of different majors are sent abroad through this program. Financial support in the form of scholarships can be provided to participating students to cover part of the expenses of the trip.

For more information, please visit the website (oia.ewha.ac.kr) of the International Exchange Team in the Office of International Affairs.