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Degree Qualifications

  • Completed Semesters : Minimum eight Semesters (Note: 10 in the case of students in firve-year architecture design course)
  • Overall Grade Average : Minimum 1.70
  • Credits necessary for graduation (Credits for each major and core requirements by admitted year)
  • Examination by major/department (graduation thesis, lab report, recital, etc.) or Comprehensive Exam
  • Chapel Credits : Eight credits (Note: four credits for - transfer students)

Early Graduation

  • Completed Semesters : 6-7 semesters
  • Overall Grade Average : Minimum 3.75
  • Chapel Credits : 6-7 credits (same as number of semesters)
  • Same necessary credits and exams for all graduating students.
    Note: Students with failed courses or cancellation credits or who were, on probation in the five-year architecture design course cannot graduate early.
  • Transfer students are not allowed to graduate early.
  • Early graduation requests should be submitted to the respective college office during the graduation registration period.
  • Qualification for Degree with Honors see Academic Resources → Grade → Degree with Honors