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Academic Support Programs

Academic Support Programs

These programs provide support in the form of scholarships for students who participate in national/international contests and academic events.

  • A. Eligibility: Individuals or teams
  • B. Application Period: At the beginning (March, September) of every semester Notices through the homepage

Ewha Global Frontier

Annual summer/winter programs to promote global female leaders. Programs allow teams of 4 students to actively plan and decide on exhibition topics/themes to visit international organizations, public institutions, global companies, and universities abroad for two weeks.

  • A. Eligibility: Both of the following requirements must be met:
    • 1. Undergraduate/Graduate students who are currently enrolled.
    • 2. Undergraduate/Graduate students who are eligible for school scholarships and traveling abroad
  • B. Application Period: Summer (Beginning of March), Winter (Beginning of September) Please see announcements on the homepage
Annual Exhibition Report: Upload the report on the bulletin board of the homepage
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