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Preparing for the Post-COVID-19 Era; Creating a Cutting-edge Teaching and Learning Environment

  • 작성처
  • Date2021.03.25
  • 1961

Establishment of online learning space, self-studios, and cutting-edge classrooms 

In the first semester of 2021, Ewha is conducting both online/offline combined and zero-contact classes, accordingly expanding its infrastructure for virtual classes, including smart classrooms that allow two-way communication, self-studios where professors can conveniently record their own lectures, and an on-campus online study area. 

The Institute for Teaching and Learning has initiated a program to construct a cutting-edge environment for teaching and learning as a part of the Program of National University for Innovation and Transformation (PoINT) program, and placed the focus of this semester on improving the educational infrastructure and the IT environment for zero-contact teaching. First, existing open labs are now being converted into online-learning spaces in response to the increasing demand for on-campus spaces for students to participate in online classes. The new online learning area in the Ewha-POSCO Building provides individual learning spaces where students can utilize a variety of personal smart media including their smartphone and tablet PCs, as well as shared PCs, which will allow them to participate in online classes and study independently and freely. 

The new online learning area in the Ewha-POSCO Building

In line with the trend of expanding remote classes, Ewha has opened more self-studios so that professors can film their own classes. The school has set up three self-studios, each located in Education Building A, the Helen Hall, and the Esther Building and equipped with a lecturer-tracking camera system, an electronic blackboard, a writing monitor, and an AV system. Adding the three studios brings the number of self-studios in the school to five, and they are expected to make a significant contribution to improving the accessibility and quality of lecture-filming facilities.


Lastly, smart lecture rooms in the ECC has been upgraded further. In ALC (Active Learning Classroom) B143, voice-tracking microphones have been installed on each round table so that cameras can track each speaker. This will facilitate communication between on-site and remote students. In addition, Room B144 is now a variable classroom equipped with the first beamforming mic system at Ewha, allowing instructors to move freely around the room, while the enhanced camera tracking function for both teachers and students provides a greater sense of presence by allowing them to select from various screens. 

Ewha will continue its efforts to build a cutting-edge environment for teaching and learning, such as online study spaces, classrooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, and self-studios, with the aim to ensure the quality of classes in anticipation of expanding remote classes or combining online and offline classes due to the prolonged continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic.