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Students of the Department of Physics Won the Best Oral and Poster Presentation Awards at the 2023 KPS Spring Meeting

  • Date2023.05.11
  • 8525

Master’s and Doctoral Students of the Department of Physics at Ewha Womans University have won the Best Oral and Poster Presentation Awards at the 2023 KPS Spring Meeting, held from April 19th (Wed.) to 21st (Fri.).

(From the Left) Yejin Kim, Jungeun Song, Yugyeong Je, Su-O Yun, and Hyunsoo Kim

The winners of the Best Presentation Award and their presentations are as follows: Doctoral student Yejin Kim (Advisor: Seokhyun Yoon) presented an optical spectroscopy study of the passivation effect by laser scribing process in the hybrid perovskite module; Jungeun Song (Advisor: Dong-Wook Kim) made transparent photovoltaic cells topped with ZnO/Ag-nanowire top electrodes and demonstrated how AgNW’s surface plasmonic effects can make such photovoltaic cells more effective; MS/Ph.D. student Yugyeong Je (Advisor: Sang Wook Lee) presented observation of resonance mode shapes in graphene nano-electro-mechanical drums; Master’s student Su-O Youn (Advisor: William Jo) presented what impact interface properties between SnO2 and lead halide perovskite has on charge transport; Master’s student Hyunsoo Kim (Advisor: Taeyoung Choi) demonstrated how to build a quadrupole linear Paul trap and the process of optimizing the trap performance to confine multiple ytterbium ions for quantum computing.

(From the Left) Seoyoung Lim, Dasom Choi, Su-O Youn, Gayoung Lee

The Best Poster Presentation Awardees and their works are as follows: Master’s student Seoyoung Lim (Advisor: Dong-Wook Kim) presented plasmon-induced charge transfer in Graphene/Au-nanopillar-arrays; Master’s student Dasom Choi (Advisor: Andreas Heinrich) presented Lanthanide double-decker complexes as on-surface quantum nanomagnets; Master’s student Su-o Yun (Advisor: William Jo) presented the effect of Bi-doping in lead halide perovskite single crystals for photovoltaic applications; Master’s student Gayoung Lee (Advisor: Kwangdong Roh) presented optical gain properties and thermal degradation of perovskite thin films under intense optical pulses.