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Professor Ban Hyo-kyung of the Department of Computer Engineering Winning the "SW R&D Excellence Awards” given by the Mi

  • Date2022.12.26
  • 9817

Professor Ban Hyo-kyung of the Department of Computer Engineering won the "SW R&D Excellence Awards" given by the Minister of Science and ICT, held at COEX from December 5 (Mon) to December 8 (Thu).  Professor Ban's team has been recognized for its achievement in publishing more than 30 papers, including the JCR No. 1 journal in the field, with the project named "Development of Next-Generation Memory-based System SW Technology that Dynamically Learns Workload Characteristics" supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT over last 3 years and disclosing more than 10 source codes and data of development technologies to GitHub as open SW so that researchers and industries around the world can freely use them.

Although next-generation memory is considered one of the key technologies to lead the future of the domestic IT industry that has led the semiconductor market, it needs power to increase its utilization potential. Professor Ban's research differs from SW research on existing system in that it is about the technology that adaptively determines the role of next-generation memory according to workload characteristics. Professor Ban said, "I think it was effective to adopt an open-source method of disclosing all processes of R&D from the beginning," adding, "This secured transparency in research and continuity of subsequent R&D, which provided an opportunity for students to produce new results in a short time.”

This award is given to the best SW R&D task ever evaluated in 2022. In the evaluation of Professor Ban's team's task, six evaluation committee members participated in the report evaluation and 30 written questions and answers, followed by presentation, demonstration, and on-site questions and answers. The evaluation committee said, "It is an excellent task that researches and discloses creative policies and techniques at the system SW level, and additional support is needed as it is judged that there will be a lot of use in the server and mobile industries."" Meanwhile, the project carried out by the Professor Ban's team is a Grant task, which is more meaningful as it was newly introduced by the Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation (IITP) in 2019 in a form that gives researchers maximum autonomy and encourages challenging research.