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The College of Pharmacy established the Global AI Drug Discovery Center

  • Date2020.09.29
  • 596

The College of Pharmacy (Dean Professor Yun-Sil Lee) established the Global AI Drug Discovery Center on September 1 (Tue) that will take the lead in the field of new drug development with Big Data and AI.

With Professor Sun Choi of the Department of Pharmacy as the first director, the research team of the Center includes professors from The College of Pharmacy and the College of Natural Sciences. The Center aims to reduce the time and cost of R&D drastically and to quickly and efficiently identify new drug candidates and mechanism by adopting AI technology to the field of new drug development, which is one of high-risk, high-return industries.

In addition, the Center will work with several other institutions and universities such s Northwestern University in the U.S., Peking University in China, Institute for Molecular Science in Japan, Seoul National University, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information(KISTI), and AITRICS(an AI specialized company) in Korea to promote international joint research and developing new drugs.

Ewha College of Pharmacy has been selected as the only leading research institute among other pharmacy colleges in Korea for the 2019 “AI-based New Drug Development Platform Establishment Project”, co-hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The research team of the College has established an innovative research ecosystem for new drug R&D. With the research goal of building a new drug development platform and developing new drug candidates based on Big data and AI’, the College research team has promoted AI-based new drug development, helped find new drug materials, and developed a deep learning-based modeling system. It has also built up and upgraded high-performance computing cloud platforms

Based on the research task of "Building a platform for developing new drugs based on big data/artificial intelligence and drawing up new drug candidate materials," the research team is developing a deep learning-based forecasting system and establishing and upgrading high-performance computing cloud platforms to 


 The Center and its AI-based research is expected to play a crucial role in the national pharmaceutical industry and global research on developing new drugs.