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Interdisciplinary Program of Social Economy Holds Joint-College Event for 2019 Social Economy Leader Course

  • Date2020.02.10
  • 488

The Social Economy Leader Course, a non-degree program of the Interdisciplinary Program of Social Economy (Professor in charge: Cho Sang-mi) at the Graduate School, designed for undergraduates, held a joint-college event at the LG Convention Hall on November 29, 2019.

Ewha Womans University was selected as the leading and hosting university of the Social Economy Leader Course by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency in March 2019. The Social Economy Leader Course held at Ewha was participated in by undergraduate students from 30 departments from 17 colleges, and a total of 52 students finished the program after a nine-month lectures and mentoring by professors and experts from diverse departments.

In this event, performance evaluation of the whole-year course was shared and a poster presentation session was held under the theme, “the Collective Impact of University and Social Economy,” and selected colleges were named and awarded for their outstanding performance in the program.