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[Academic] [Undergraduate] 2024 Summer Session Course Registration

  • 작성처교무처 수업지원팀
  • Date2024.05.07
  • 34694

1. Please refer to the relevant information in the attached file.

 From 2023 winter semester course registration, you must enter a macro prevention key once before course registration to use "Wish list“, "Course Registration", or "Chapel” menu. - After you enter the macro prevention key once, no additional macro preventive key input is requested until you logout.

2. Course Schedule/Syllabus: Available from Wednesday, May 8, 2024, 10:00AM

- English-taught Courses: Ewha Website(English) → Academics → Undergraduate

- All Courses: Ewha Website(Korean)→학사안내→강의시간표/계획안

3. Cancelled courses

(1) Cancelled courses will be notified after the end of the “Course Registration” period and the “Course Add/Drop” period respectively. Please check Ewha notice board for cancelled courses.

(2) Refund will be made for the courses which are cancelled due to lack of registered students. Please update your bank account information at Eureka for refund.

4. Student Exchange Program

Information will be notified at the below directory in from April to May.

- ‘홈페이지→학사안내→학사정보→학점인정→국내대학학점교류

※ For opening courses, course syllabus, course evaluation inquiries, please contact: Academic Affairs 02-3277-2028

※ For course registration, student exchange inquiries, please contact: Registrar Office 02-3277-2109

For grades inquiries, please contact: Registrar Office 02-3277-2957