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[Academic] [Academic Affairs] 2020 Summer Session Demand Survey

  • 작성처교무처
  • Date2020.03.30
  • 8102

Important Notice

1. Schedule Change: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, 2020 Summer session schedule has been changed as below.

2020 Summer Session Schedule: July 9, 2020 ~ July 29, 2020. 5 days a week (Mon. ~ Fri.)

2. Practice-based courses (Lab practice, musical instrument practice, etc.) may NOT be available during the 2020 Summer session if the COVID-19 cases continue to climb. 

1. Survey Period : 17:00 Monday, March 30, 2020 ~ 17:00 Wednesday, April 8, 2020

2. Where can I take the survey?

Sign in to EWHA Portal(eportal.ewha.ac.kr) > EUREKA-MyEureka > Academic Affairs > Course/Chapel > Summer/Winter Session Demand Survey

3. How to add a course?

1) Click New’ button

2) Input course number (Don’t know the course number? Search by course title: click magnifying glass icon).

3) Save (up to 2 courses)

※ Minimum demand: 15 or more students

4. Notes

1) ‘Course Classification’ and ‘Curriculum Field’ may apply differently for each student. Please make sure to double-check your curriculum before taking courses.

(To check your curriculum, visit Ewha homepage(Korean) > 학사안내 > 교과과정 > 전공별 교과과정 보기)

2) You can take up to 6 credits in Summer/Winter session(3 in case you’re on leave of absence). 

3) Detailed information including timetable will be available in May 8, 2020 (tentative).

4) Attached is the courses that will be available regardless of the survey results. 

5. Any questions?

Academic Affairs, academy@ewha.ac.kr