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Laying Down a Stepping Stone of Hope

  • Date2024.04.04
  • 1988
J K Huh Foundation’s Advisor Lee Ju-yeong(English Language and Literature, graduating class of 1975)

Lee Ju-yeong, an advisor of the J K Huh Foundation (English Language and Literature, graduating class of 1975), donated a scholarship fund for Ewha, laying down a stepping stone for Ewha students. Having donated more than KRW 1.3 billion to date this year, Advisor Lee and the J K Huh Foundation contributed to the academic attainments of Ewha students in various majors, including the College of Liberal Arts, College of Social Sciences, College of Law, College of Pharmacy, and College of Engineering, assisting 29 scholarship recipients in total. Advisor Lee’s affection for Ewha students remains just as warm as it did when she made her first donation to Ewha. 

The J K Huh Foundation was founded by Huh Chang-soo, now the honorary chairman of GS Group. Following the will of his late father Huh Joon-koo, Huh sought to realize the vision of “social contribution of corporate profits,” leading the foundation to provide diverse public programs in various fields including medicine, education and scholarships, and academic research.

Advisor Lee remarked, “The J K Huh Foundation was established as a firm stepping stone for younger generations to take a leap toward a better future, instead of despairing in the face of difficult circumstances. We are operating a number of programs that promote learning, health, and independence, and to me, the scholarship program is the most meaningful among them all, because it helps juniors of my alma mater to grow into future leaders and outstanding members of our society.”

To this end, Lee has made a donation each and every year since 2008, and she visited Ewha this year also to donate a scholarship of KRW 100 million and deliver a message of gratitude and encouragement.

“I heard that Ewha Womans University ranked second in the category of private universities in last year’s National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) survey conducted by the Korea Productivity Center. I truly appreciate Ewha’s role in establishing an environment where students can study with joy and satisfaction. I hope that Ewha will continue to foster positive energy in the future to flourish as a place that contributes to shaping a better society.”


The donation became the latest compassionate act of sharing at Ewha by the J K Huh Foundation, a long-standing loyal companion of Ewha, which laid down another stepping stone of hope for Ewha students.