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Giving to Ewha

Life Full of Love as a Christian Doctor

  • Date2022.11.03
  • 6985
Oh Hye-sook (Department of Medicine, graduating class of 1978)

Alumna Oh Hye-sook (Department of Medicine, graduating class of 1978) is a former President of the Ewha Alumnae Association for the College of Medicine and the Committee for the Advancement of Ewha Medical Center and devoted herself to the growth of Ewha and the College of Medicine by donating a total of KRW 100 million, KRW 50 million each to the “Ewha Medi·Healthcare Cluster Fund” and the “Oh Hye-sook Medical Scholarship.” Alumna Oh has donated over KRW 360 million in total to date, including this donation.

Learning about God’s great love through Ewha

For alumna Oh Hye-sook, Ewha represents her spiritual home and a proud part of her background. “I became a doctor through Ewha, which allowed me to lead a meaningful and committed life as a Christian doctor. Everything that I own belongs to God, and I pray that I can continue to serve Him well as a good steward to the end of my days.” Alumna Oh Hye-sook emphasized that everyone has a responsibility to share regardless of how much they have. “Jesus was deeply grateful for two measly copper coins given by a widow. Even if we don’t have much to give, it’s important to give with sincerity. My life, my time, my possessions, and my talents all belong to the Lord, and I am only temporarily entrusted with my possessions. That’s why I think we have to use these things in the right way for the sake of the Lord.”

Alumna Oh has been an active fundraiser for the Ewha Medical Center. “I always support the rise and development of Ewha. I want the school and hospital to be managed successfully based on the school’s founding spirit.” She also stressed the importance of an altruistic and happy life for Ewha students. “I hope that Ewha students can lead a happy, meaningful life and be thankful for everything. The happiest life is a life of sharing your heart, talents, and possessions. Even if you’re facing hardships today, dream big and become someone who can contribute to the nation and society.”