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A daily life full of joy, prayer, and gratitude

  • Date2020.01.13
  • 1630
Ewha Alumna Park Ha-young (Pharmacy, Class of 1977)

Ewha Womans University operates the Ewha Honors Club, a group that practices love and sharing, as an organization for donors who have contributed 100 million won or more for the development of the university. We interviewed Park Ha-young (Pharmacy, Class of 1977, former president of the alumnae association of the College of Pharmacy) who recently joined this club. 

-How do you feel about becoming a member of the Ewha Honors Club?

I have been donating for more than 20 years, ever since 1996, and now, enjoy such honors. I heard that it includes many distinguished people who are working to support the development of our society and alma mater. I’m very glad to join a club with such people. 

-You donated for students at College of Pharmacy.

I started fund-raising activities when I was the president of the alumnae association of the College of Pharmacy in 2015. As president, I had to show leadership and aggressively participated in donation myself. The Pharmacy College 1060 scholarship was created to allow one person to donate 100,000 won per month for 60 months and support a scholarship for one semester. Its meaning is wonderful, so I hope it will spread across Ewha.

- You donated 40 million won to Ewha under the name of the Samjeong Scholarship Foundation. Is there a special meaning behind that?

I established the Samjeong Scholarship Foundation in 2002. I have run Café Lucia in the foundation building and donate all of its profits as scholarships. I volunteer there with students, such as by brewing the coffee.

What does sharing mean to you?

To me it is a joy. I think that a beautiful life is living a good and righteous life before the Lord, which means a sharing life. Looking after neighbors and sharing with others is what brings meaning to life, I believe. 

-If you have advice for students, what is it?

Everyone encounters difficulties in the journey of life. I hope that you make sincere efforts with the positive mindset that all things pass, and remember that if you hit bottom, you need to do is climb and you will find your way out. In addition, you need to save your money every day with prayers. Like the Bible says “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances” if you fill your life with joy, prayer, and gratitude, you will naturally enjoy abundance.