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Ewha Volunteers Stand at the Forefront of Sharing Ewha Values

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  • Date2024.03.11
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Ewha Volunteers Stand at the Forefront of Sharing Ewha Values

The 2023 Ewha Winter Volunteers stood at the forefront of sharing Ewha values by fulfilling social responsibilities through volunteer activities in the winter break. Ewha Volunteers, which was joined by 141 Ewha students this winter, worked as teams and offered volunteer services in various areas.2023 겨울 이화봉사단 국내교육봉사단

The Domestic Education Volunteer Team’s 101 members were dispatched to sixteen organizations in Gangwon, Gyeongsang, Jeolla, and Chungcheong Provinces for five days each over two separate weeks, from January 8, 2024 (Mon.) to 12 (Fri.) and from January 15, 2024 (Mon.) to 19 (Fri.) respectively. The Domestic Education Volunteer Team conducted educational sessions for children and teenagers at local elementary schools and children's centers, based on a safety-themed program developed by the Ewha Volunteers Program Planning Team. Each volunteer unit also conducted educational sessions based on their programs under various themes, such as the environment and the metaverse, alongside arts and sports activities, tutoring for school subjects, and mentoring sessions.

2023 겨울 이화봉사단 해외교육봉사단

The Overseas Education Volunteer Team visited Ewha Srang School in Kampong Speu, Cambodia, for nine days from January 13, 2024 (Sat.) to 21 (Sun.). The Overseas Education Volunteer Team, which consists of 30 members divided into two teams, conducted educational sessions titled “Design and Creativity-enhancing Education through an AR Application and Physical Activities” and “IT and Design Convergence Education Using a Coding Program and Electrical Conductor Learning Kits” for around 120 elementary and high school students. Additionally, Ewha faculty and staff donated clothes and stationery to support the good cause of Ewha Srang School and Ewha Volunteers that practice Ewha’s spirit of service and sharing and strive to spread Ewha’s unique culture (“E-Culture”). The donated items, along with the Ewha faculty and staff’s support, were sent to around 430 students at Ewha Srang School.

2023 겨울 이화봉사단 해외의료봉사단

Meanwhile, overseas medical volunteering, which had been suspended since the summer of 2019 due to the outbreak of COVID-19, notably resumed this winter after a five-year hiatus. Subsequently, 10 members of the Overseas Medical Volunteer Team visited Uzbekistan from February 4, 2024 (Sun.) to 11 (Sun.). The Medical Volunteer Team, consisting of students at Ewha Medical School, provided general medical care and check-ups to local community members for free, together with medical staff at Ewha Womans University Medical Center (EUMC) and volunteers of Seegene Medical Foundation at clinics under the Soglom Avlod Uchun Foundation in Tashkent and Haqiqat Clinic in Sirdaryo.