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Ewha Takes the Lead in the Nurturing of Climate-tech Entrepreneurs in Partnership with the Asan Nanum Foundation

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  • Date2024.03.04
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Ewha Takes the Lead in the Nurturing of Climate-tech Entrepreneurs in Partnership with the Asan Nanum Foundation

Ewha Womans University and the Asan Nanum Foundation signed an agreement for Ewha-Asan UniverCT (University x Climate Tech), a climate-tech entrepreneur nurturing project, at Pfeiffer Hall on February 27, 2024 (Tue.). Based on this agreement, Ewha will take the lead in fostering young climate-tech entrepreneurs in partnership with the Asan Nanum Foundation.

The Asan UniverCT program (the name “UniverCT” is a portmanteau of “university” and the initials for “climate tech”) has been conducted by the Asan Nanum Foundation since 2023 with the aim of spreading the culture of climate-tech startups among universities amid the intensifying climate crisis, while nurturing climate-tech entrepreneurs possessing innovative technology, business competency, and entrepreneurship. “Climate tech” refers to all technologies used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change concerns, a field that is recently emerging as a promising future-oriented technological sector that will be highly pertinent in the coming decade.

This year, Ewha has been newly selected as a partner university for the program’s second year along with KAIST, following the previous year in which Seoul National University and Yonsei University participated. The Support Corps for Business Startups at Ewha, and 15 faculty members from the Department of Climate and Energy Systems Engineering and the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering will participate in the program, which is set to receive a total of KRW 1 billion over the next two years. Under the program, Ewha will install a climate-tech startup track in the undergraduate school and prepare a climate-tech startup design system and a scholarship fund in the graduate school, in order to raise students’ awareness of the climate crisis and attract students’ interest in climate-tech startups.

Ewha has been advancing education and research in the field of climate and environment under the vision of the “Creative and Innovative Platform That Leads the Sustainable Society,” endeavoring to contribute to the sustainable development of humanity. As a leading institution in climate change research, the school established the Department of Climate and Energy Systems Engineering in 2017 and has been conducting world-class research through the Center for Climate/Environment Change Prediction, a priority research institute in science and engineering, and developed a global climate risk management model in collaboration with the Financial Supervisory Service. Under the Ewha-Asan agreement, Ewha is expected to foster outstanding prospective entrepreneurs based on its top-quality education and research, thereby leading the climate-tech industry and actively fulfilling its ESG responsibilities.