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Ewha and Financial Supervisory Service Hold International Conference and Job Fair

  • 작성처
  • Date2022.09.05
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Ewha and Financial Supervisory Service Hold International Conference and Job Fair

The Ewha Career Development Center hosted the “2022 International Conference” jointly with the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) at the Samsung Hall of the ECC building on August 31 (Wed.). The event was held in a face-to-face format with around 250 guests from financial institutions, businesses, and academic circles, and livestreamed through the Ewha and the FSS YouTube channels.

버틀랑 자불리 S&P 글로벌 지속가능금융 대표, 지안루카 스피네티 피치 지속가능금융 대표, 윤종규 KB금융지주 회장, 백혜련 국회 정무위원회 위원장, 이복현 금융감독원장, 한덕수 국무총리, 김은미 본교 총장, 반기문 전 UN 사무총장, 요아나 도너바르트 주한 네덜란드 대사, 사브리나 미어슨 마이네케 주한 덴마크 부대사, 제프리 리 무디스 지속가능금융 대표Ewha has held the international conference jointly with the FSS since 2019, along with co-hosting various events that broaden opportunities for career experience for the young generation, such as job fair and AI competition.

The international conference took place under the theme of “Starting Out with Green Finance” and commenced with opening remarks by Governor Bok-hyeon Lee of the FSS and a welcome speech by President Eun Mee Kim. It was followed by congratulatory speeches by Prime Minister Duck-soo Han, Chairman Hye-ryun Back of the National Policy Committee, former U.N. Secretary-General Ki-moon Ban, and Dutch Ambassador Joanne Doornewaard, expressing their consensus toward the event’s goal of presenting a sustainable future and a model for green finance. Global figures including Danish Ambassador Einar Jensen, President Michael West of Moody’s Investors Service, and President Ian Linnell of Fitch Ratings also delivered congratulatory greetings on screen.

버틀랑 자불리 S&P 글로벌 지속가능금융 대표, 사카 수단 영국 영업행위감독청 ESG 국장The conference included a total of seven topical presentations in an online/offline hybrid format. Bertrand Jabouley, Jeffrey Lee, and Gianluca Spinetti, as the Head of Sustainable Finance at S&P Global Ratings, Moody’s Corporation, and Fitch Ratings, respectively, gave presentations regarding each corporation’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management, and future prospects and development strategies for green finance. In addition, a variety of presenters including Director Sacha Sudan of ESG at the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Senior Manager Jae-hak Hwang of the FSS, Professor Sanghun Lee of the Climate and Energy Systems Engineering major at Ewha, and Director Soon-young Oh of KB Kookmin Bank’s Financial AI Center diagnosed the future of green finance and discussed the introduction of supervision policies.

MZ 청년 채용설명회Meanwhile, the “2022 Youth Job Fair” and the “AI Challenge Competition” were held for students who aspire to pursue a career in finance in the afternoon of the same day at the Samsung Hall of the ECC building.