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Ewha Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for Remodeling and Partial Reconstruction of Hak-gwan

  • 작성처
  • Date2021.01.27
  • 3165

Transforming the home of Ewha’s College of Humanities and large-scale liberal arts courses into a cutting-edge modernized space after 57 years since its completion

Building a suitable educational environment for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, incorporating high-tech lecture rooms, multipurpose halls, and lounges

At 2:00 PM on Monday, January 25, Ewha Womans University held a groundbreaking ceremony at the square in front of Hak-gwan for the remodeling and partial reconstruction of the Hak-gwan building.

Hak-gwan was originally constructed to expand the educational space for students as Ewha rapidly grew into one of Korea’s top universities while going through the tumultuous years following the country’s liberation from Japan and the Korean War. Its construction began in 1960 and was completed in 1964. With a total floor space of 4,355 pyeong, or 14,400m², and one basement and seven ground levels, Hak-gwan was the largest building on the campus at the time, and mainly used for department offices and research institutes of the College of Humanities. In celebration of the 57th anniversary of the completion of Hak-gwan, Ewha is planning to transform the building into a future-oriented educational space balancing tradition and cutting-edge modernity through its remodeling and partial reconstruction.

At the ceremony, President Kim Heisook remarked, “Although Hak-gwan was mainly used by students from the College of the Humanities, the building was a familiar sight for many other Ewha students and a place of fond memories since they attended large-scale lectures and liberal art classes in Hak-gwan.” She added, “Through this remodeling and partial reconstruction, we plan to preserve the symbolic significance of this longstanding monument to Ewha’s tradition, while transforming it into an educational environment suitable for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I ask for your generous support until the completion of the building.”

The remodeling and partial reconstruction of the building is divided into a remodeling area (10,795.44m²) and a reconstruction area (6,838.24m²), and scheduled to be completed by July 2022. To this end, the Office of University Relations and Development has launched a campaign titled “Hak-gwan Remodeling and Reconstruction Fundraising Campaign”, and is gathering support from alumnae who have fond memories of classes at Hak-gwan, as well as the College of Humanities Alumnae Association. For donations of more than three million won, the donor’s name will be inscribed on the donor recognition board in addition to other courtesies such as the installation of donor plaques or the naming of spaces after donors’ names, depending on the donated amount.