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Hybrid Model (Combining On/Off Classes) to Be Implemented for Second Semester of 2020 at Ewha

  • 작성처
  • Date2020.08.07
  • 4632

Throughout the summer vacation, preparations have been underway in full swing across the Ewha campus to ensure the smooth operation of the school for the second semester of 2020. In order to guarantee quality education while complying with preventative measures against COVID-19 and Level 1 social distancing (voluntary social distancing in daily life), Ewha has decided to implement a hybrid model for the second semester of 2020.

In the “hybrid” classes, Ewha will deliver both face-to-face instruction by a lecturer to students in the classroom, and non-contact teaching with the use of livestreaming or online uploads of recorded offline lectures. Through the school’s Eureka system, students can choose their preferred method of attendance for each class. For theory and theory/practicum courses, the hybrid method of teaching will be offered if fewer than 50 students enroll in the class. For a class with 50 or more students, only non-contact (online) teaching will be delivered, in principle, during the entire semester. Lab/practicum/performance courses will be taught using the hybrid method, but changes can be made with approval from the head of each college or graduate school, if offline attendance is essential for the class. It is recommended that mid-term and final exams are carried out in person, but the exams themselves can be given in various forms at the discretion of lecturers. For hybrid classes and face-to-face exams, students will be allowed to enter the classroom after checking their body temperature and wearing a mask.

Photo: Real-time transmission using Zoom in a classroom equipped with a tracking camera

To ensure the smooth operation of hybrid classes using Zoom, the Institute for Teaching and Learning has been focusing on expanding the classroom infrastructure during the summer vacation period. Starting from the second semester, classroom lectures will be able to be recorded using Zoom instead of Smart Recorder, which had been used before. In addition, the school is working to build a comfortable teaching and learning environment by strengthening both hardware and software systems, such as signing a license for Zoom, expanding the cloud capacity for recordings, and producing and distributing instruction manuals for instructors.