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Ewha K-MOOC Lectures Evaluated as Excellent and the University Selected as Leading University for 2nd Phase of K-MOOC

  • 작성처
  • Date2020.06.08
  • 2293

Five lectures of Ewha Womans University have been selected as excellent courses in the 2019 annual evaluation of the Korean Massive Open Online Course (K-MOOC). The K-MOOC conducted a quantitative assessment on 71 courses developed in 2015 and 2016 and chose a total of 11 excellent courses among them. Five out of the 11 courses, which amount to 45 percent of selected courses, were from Ewha, proving the prominence of Ewha-K-MOOC contents.

The K-MOOC is a service providing excellent online courses in higher and vocational education for free, and Ewha has provided 18 lectures of high quality for the spring semester of 2020, taking the initiative in offering outstanding educational contents and sharing global knowledge.

So Hyo-Jeong, Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, said, "We are very pleased with this result, as it demonstrates that Ewha’s pursuit of innovation in college education and spreading of shared social values has come to fruition. We will promote the excellence of Ewha education through constant development of quality K-MOOC lectures."

In addition, Ewha was selected as one of leading universities for the second phase of K-MOOC, which was announced by the Education Ministry on June 5. Accordingly, Ewha will develop outstanding lectures in artificial intelligence, big data, natural science and women's studies and play a leading role in credit transferring and exchanges among colleges, as well as expanding the global market.

Ewha has continued to invest in the field of edu-tech utilizing ICT, such as MOOC and Flipped Learning, in an effort to lead the innovation in university education in line with the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. By creating high-tech classrooms and developing its cyber campus to serve as an effective online educational platform, Ewha has prepared itself for future society and changes in education.