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Establishment of New TELOS Tracks, 'Big Data', 'AI', 'Blockchain' in Science and Engineering

  • 작성처
  • Date2020.03.24
  • 2963

The Center for Future Innovation has established three new TELOS tracks in science and engineering major that are emerging as leading technologies in the industry 4.0 era. 

The new track in computer science and engineering, Big Data and AI Track, consists of the curriculum in which students can foster the core skills required by the industry, through latest applied subjects, such as Open Software Project, Cloud Computing, and Big Data Application. Another computer science track, Smart Interaction Track, is aimed at students who want to enter the Video Games and HCI area by learning the working knowledge in the software content industry.

The Cyber Security major has established Blockchain Track, which is rising as a core technology in the industry 4.0 era. The track, which comprises subjects that teach security technologies, such as Fundamentals of Modern Cryptography, Computer Algorithms, and Blockchain Application, is expected to help students to enter the security, IT, and finance areas.

The TELOS Track system is a creative convergence education program tailored to future demand that develops and provides various types of education courses in each major. A total of 65 major tracks in five types are operated at the moment. Since the system started as a pilot program in 2015, around 130 students have been awarded with certificates, and with 2,000 students participating in the program as of the 2019 Fall Semester, it has been recognized as the representative program for innovating undergraduate education.

Director of the Center for Future and Innovation, Hyunju Lee said, "Together with successful implementation of the program for university innovation that is supported by the Education Ministry, the center will take the lead in producing global convergence talent with creative intelligence by continuing the innovation of undergraduate education, through various programs including TELOS tracks, the self-designed semester system, and the Liberal Effective Artistic Practice (LEAP).