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2020 Welcome Program for Freshmen ‘Welcome to Ewha’ is held online

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  • Date2020.02.28
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Ewha unveiled "Welcome to Ewha,” a welcome program for freshmen in 2020, through the school's official YouTube channel. Although the new student convocation scheduled on February 28(Fri.) was canceled due to the spread of COVID-19, the school organized online welcome ceremony for 3,366 newly enrolled undergraduate students.

As of February 25(Tue.), the school accepted a total of 3,366 freshmen, including 62 international students, all of whom will spend four years of their campus life at Ewha, affiliated to 73 departments of 14 colleges. The freshmen entering this semester include seven EGPP(Ewha Global Partnership Program) scholarship recipients from seven Asian and Latin American countries, including Daniela Beatrice, an undergraduate student majoring Computer Science and Engineering. 

"Welcome to Ewha" is a talk concert hosted by an Ewha alumna with panels of undergraduate students to welcome new students and provide them with guidance on student support programs. The ceremony was originally scheduled to be held in Welch-Ryang Auditorium right after the new student convocation. However, with the cancellation of the ceremony due to the COVID-19, it was live steamed on YouTube this year.

The live broadcast began with President Kim Heisook's congratulatory speech for the freshmen. President Kim said in her congratulatory message that, “Ewha Womans University, which started in 1886 with a single enrollment and has always taken the path of challenge for 133 years, is now unfolding a path before you to the pure possibilities of becoming anyone and doing anything." 

After the speech, a school choir composed of male professors of Ewha gave a performance to welcome freshmen, who was also provided with vivid sketch of campus life and college life know-how presented by alumna Lee Eun-jae (Majoring history, graduating class of 2016) who is SBS News producer and also a host of the event, and panels of undergraduate students. The live broadcast drew huge attention with more than 2,000 people watching the show, which could redeem the disappointment of the cancellation of the new student convocation by providing chances to meet various Ewha members and obtain useful information.