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Ewha Graduates’ Promotion in Companies Testifies to Power of Ewha Network

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  • Date2020.01.30
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With Korea’s leading companies executing their executive personnel appointment in 2020, a series of Ewha graduates’ promotion drew attention. 

Ewha Leads Prominence of Women and Those in Their Forties

In the regular executive personnel appointment for the year 2020 announced on January 20, Samsung Electronics promoted Song Myung-ju (Science Education, class of 1992), Lee Gwi-ho (Library & Information Science, class of 1998), and Lim Gyung-ae (Interior & Fashion Design, class of 1997). Song Myung-ju was promoted to head of the global PM division (senior vice president), Lee Gwi-ho was promoted to head of the advertisement business group of the CD division (vice president), and Lim Gyung-ae to head of the UX innovation group of the household appliance division (vice president). They are among those promoted to executives in their forties. In this appointment, which focused on strengthening the future CEO candidate pool, three out of five newly appointed female executives are Ewha graduates, which proves the power of Ewha network.

Also, Kwon Hyun-jeong (Sociology, class of 1996), leader of business division 14 in Cheil Worldwide, was promoted to vice president, and Park Gyeong-hee (English Literature, class of 1990), head of the SNI business division of Samsung Securities, was promoted to executive vice president. Cho Eun-kyung (Statistics, class of 1994), leader of Customer Journey TF of BDA Center of the marketing division in Samsung Card, was promoted to vice president, becoming the only female executive in the company. 

Power of Ewha Network

In the executive personnel appointment announced by Hyundai Motor Group on December 27, all of the three newly appointed women executives are Ewha alumnae. In the appointment focused on female executives and those in their forties, head of the human resource department 1 in Hyundai-Kia Motor Song Mi-young (Educational Technology, class of 1999), leader of the regional strategy team in Hyundai Motor Lee In-a (Law, class of 1996), and head of Genesis customer experience team Lee Hyung-a (History, class of 1993) were promoted to vice president in their respective groups for the accomplishment they achieved with their expertise and experience. In a company where the number of female executives was relatively low, it is exceptional that three women employees were promoted to executives all at once. As Ewha alumnae demonstrated outstanding performance, the number of female executives in Hyundai Motor Group increased to eight.

In the executive appointment of GS Group in 2020, Yoon Seon-mi (Law, class of 1995) was newly appointed as an executive. Yoon entered the company through open recruitment, worked as head of the brand business group in GS Home Shopping since 2018, and then was promoted to head of the contents business department in GS Home Shopping (vice president). 

Marking the 134th anniversary this year, Ewha Womans University has produced female leaders in social, political and cultural areas. Based on the solid network of 230,000 graduates, Ewha Womans University ranked first in the net employment rate of the liberal art departments and fourth in the total employment rate among universities according to the 2019 JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings. Also Ewha produced the largest number of female executives (29 alumnae with a bachelor’s degree) according to the 2019 survey of female executives in Korea’s 100 largest companies.