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Center for Entrepreneurship Hosted Diverse Events Promoting Entrepreneurship and Startup Culture

  • 작성처
  • Date2020.01.20
  • 2045

Ewha’s Center for Entrepreneurship (Director: Bahn Hyokyung) held diverse events for students to promote entrepreneurship and career development during the winter break.

It hosted an entrepreneurship film festival titled “Entrepreneurial Spirit in Cinema” at the Art House MOMO located in the ECC on January 15. Supported by the Program of National University for Innovation and Transformation, the event was planned to help make entrepreneurship, a rather difficult subject, more accessible to students through the medium of more familiar content, film. Films about feminism, corporate system and AI were shown while a lecture and talk concert titled “Star Your Startup Brain: Startup and Training on Creative Thinking,” hosted by Yoo Seung-Chul, professor at the Department of Communications and Media, prompted exchange of diverse opinions on films, startup, challenging sprit, etc.


The Center for Entrepreneurship also held “Ewha Startup Forum” on December 20 to enhance startup mindset among students and encourage networks between entrepreneur graduates and current students. Titled “In Style with Technology,” the forum, which took place at the ECC theater, specifically looked into style-tech which refers to fashion and beauty industry incorporated with Information and Communication Technologies. The program of the event included special lectures and talk sessions examining current industry trends and display booths by a number of style-tech companies.


Established on September 2015, Ewha’s Center for Entrepreneurship has promoted education for future entrepreneurs by opening interdisciplinary major programs related to entrepreneurship. It has also supported students to launch a startup and encouraged entrepreneur spirt through diverse programs including Entrepreneurship Mileage, Startup Club (ORDA), Ewha Entrepreneurship & VC Club (EVCC), various startup competitions and Startup Reporters. With these endeavors, the center has earned A level in the BI Performance Assessment in May 2017 and the highest S level in the assessment for the 2019 Center for Entrepreneurship Support Project in April 2019.