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Ewha Jointly Held ‘Startup Hackathon Camp’ with POSTECH, SNU and KAIST

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  • Date2020.01.15
  • 1512

Ewha Woman’s University in cooperation with Seoul National University, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) held “Startup Hackathon Camp (hereinafter Hackathon Camp),” a credit exchange program for 2019 Winter session. 

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Organized by Ewha’s Center for Entrepreneurship, SNU Entrepreneurship Center, KAIST’s Center for Science-based Entrepreneurship and the POSTECH Entrepreneurship Center and hosted by Ewha’s Center for Entrepreneurship, the program was established to promote entrepreneur spirit among students, enhance the understanding of startup processes and help build personal networks.

Hackathon Camp, a short-term intensive curriculum first tried at Ewha, had been open for the Winter 2019 credit exchange program, and pre-registered 25 students from four universities were formed into five teams. These students with diverse backgrounds came up with open and creative ideas, which were later developed into business solutions through lectures and intense mentoring by professors from the four universities and field experts. In addition, methods to find business models and customers to refine the ideas, development of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), analysis of data from landing pages and practice for marketing campaigns all have been followed through in a very short period of 45 hours.    

The program, open for the first time this year, led to students’ satisfaction as it drew out active participation and discussion, followed by feedback from experts. The Center for Entrepreneurship plans to host more joint programs related to startups such as “Campus CEO IR” with other universities to find outstanding entrepreneurs among students.

해커톤 프로그램