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민동보 프로필 사진

Dongbo Min Associate Professor dbmin@ewha.ac.kr 홈페이지

  • Computer Science and Engineering/Artificial Intelligence
  • Asan Engineering Building #336
  • 02-3277-6892
배호 프로필 사진

Ho Bae Assistant Professor hobae@ewha.ac.kr 홈페이지

  • Cyber Security/Artificial Intelligence
  • Jinseonmi-gwan #215
  • 02-3277-4348
박현석 프로필 사진

Hyun Seok Park Professor neo@ewha.ac.kr 홈페이지

  • Computer Science and Engineering/Bio-Information Science/Big Data Analytics/Artificial Intelligence/EcoScience
  • New Engineering Building #454
  • 02-3277-2831
도인실 프로필 사진

Inshil Doh Associate Professor isdoh1@ewha.ac.kr 홈페이지

  • Cyber Security/Artificial Intelligence/Computer Science and Engineering/HOKMA College of General Education
  • Ewha Campus Complex #B111
  • 02-3277-3506
심재형 프로필 사진

Jaehyeong Sim Assistant Professor jh.sim@ewha.ac.kr

  • Computer Science and Engineering/Artificial Intelligence/HOKMA College of General Education
  • Jinseonmi-gwan #330
  • 02-3277-6547
최장환 프로필 사진

Jang-Hwan Choi Associate Professor choij@ewha.ac.kr 홈페이지

  • Division of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering//Artificial Intelligence/Bio-Information Science
  • Research Cooperation Building #357
  • 02-3277-6945
채기준 프로필 사진

Kijoon Chae Professor kjchae@ewha.ac.kr 홈페이지

  • Computer Science and Engineering/Cyber Security/Big Data Analytics/Artificial Intelligence
  • Asan Engineering Building #339
  • 02-3277-2370
정수영 프로필 사진

Sooyoung Chung Associate Professor csooy@ewha.ac.kr

  • Division of Brain & Cognitive Sciences/Artificial Intelligence
  • International Education Building #603-3
  • 02-3277-6710
강윤철 프로필 사진

Yuncheol Kang Assistant Professor yckang@ewha.ac.kr 홈페이지

  • Division of Business Administration/Department of Business Administration/Big Data Analytics/Artificial Intelligence
  • Ewha-Shinsegae Building (Business) #419
  • 02-3277-4203