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The Natural History Museum Held the Opening Ceremony of the New Exhibition Titled Marine Biodiversity

  • Date2024.02.05
  • 13952

Ewha Womans University Natural History Museum (Director: Professor Joong-Ki Park) held a special exhibition titled Marine Biodiversity as a celebratory event of the 55th anniversary. President Eun Mee Kim and many other distinguished guests, including a former director of the Natural History Museum and heads of related institutions, attended the exhibition's opening ceremony on January 22nd, Monday.

The special exhibition presents wall panels, specimens, and videos showing the concept of marine biodiversity, various species living in the marine ecosystem, the evolutionary trees of major marine species, and how marine species co-exist. Specimens of marine organisms under protection, such as seals, crested murrelets, streaked shearwaters, hawksbill sea turtles, sea horses, trumpet shells, hollow-shelled snails, and orange cup corals, are on display. Videos about the deep-sea oasis and AI-generated videos of the marine ecosystem at Jeju Island are also on display. Videos and 3D virtual exhibits of marine organisms under protection made by the National Marine Biodiversity Institute of Korea and videos of hydrothermal vent exploration filmed by the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology were also parts of the exhibition showing the biodiversity and various species in the deep-sea ecosystem. 

In the exhibition, there is a section showcasing the list and photos of Korean marine invertebrates archived by Ewha Womans University. Ewha Womans University has pioneered finding and recording marine invertebrate species inhabiting Korea since the 1960s. Such history holds significance in showing the pioneering spirit of Ewha, in addition to a part of the history of Korean marine invertebrate taxonomy.

Graduate students in the Visual Communication Design major at the College of Art & Design produced graphic designs and videos at the exhibition. Graduate students at the EcoScience major in the College of Natural Sciences participated in the specimen preparation process and gained work experience at a natural history museum. From March, the museum will provide educational programs related to the special exhibition for elementary, middle, and high school students. More details about the program will be uploaded on the museum website.

There is no exhibition fee for the exhibition, and the museum opens from Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM. The museum closes on Sundays and National Holidays during the semester, and also on Saturdays during school breaks (January, February, July, and August).

자연사박물관, 신규 기획전 <해양생물다양성> 개막식 개최

자연사박물관, 신규 기획전 <해양생물다양성> 개막식 개최자연사박물관, 신규 기획전 <해양생물다양성> 개막식 개최