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Suhyun Lee Designed Electrochemical Conversion Process with Captured CO2 in an Amine-based Solvent

  • Date2023.11.06
  • 8767

Suhyun Lee, a master’s student at Advanced Manufacturing System Laboratory (Corresponding Author: Professor Jonggeol Na), published the joint research with SNU. She designed an electrochemical conversion process with captured CO2, carried out techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment, and published the research result in Green Chemistry, one of the prestigious journals in environmental energy. The direct electrochemical conversion of captured CO2 technology has received global attention as an alternative to the current energy-demanding amine solvent regeneration and separation processes of the conventional carbon capture process, but identifying the potential advantages of this process from both the economic and environmental perspectives is not straightforward. The research presents process designs of two commercial-scale carbon capture and utilization (CCU) processes: a direct electrochemical conversion process via the captured CO2 reduction reaction (cCO2RR) in a monoethanolamine (MEA)-based medium and an electrochemical conversion process via the CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR) in aqueous electrolyte media. The techno-economic analysis and the life cycle assessment under various operational conditions proved that cCO2RR can have better economic potential and environmental impact if the levels of technological developments are the same.

The research, titled Techno-economic Analysis and Life-cycle Assessment of the Electrochemical Conversion Process with Captured CO2 in an Amine-based solvent, was published in Green Chemistry (IF: 9.8, JCR top 13.2%), selected as the front inside cover.