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Missionary Works of the Upper Room Evangelistic Association Spread Ewha’s Christian Spirit All over the World

  • Date2023.03.10
  • 10210

Recipients of Missionary scholarship from the Upper Room Evangelistic Association under the Office of the Chaplain (Chaplain: Sunhee Ahn), and Athel, a volunteer club, did missionary activities in the fall semester of 2022. The Upper Room Evangelistic Association has done missionary activities at home and abroad for 63 years since its foundation in 1960. Even after it became an affiliated organization of the Office of the Chaplain in August 2008, such activities are still done with more distinguished and various missionary volunteer programs, led by university student clubs that are based on Ewha’s Christian spirit.

A team of ten missionary scholarship recipients from Ewha Womans University served as student missionaries. In the spring semester, Chaplain Yoon-Jae Chang taught them about early missionaries in Korea who founded Ewha Womans University and the students visited Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery to raise their awareness about the history of missionary work and how God founded Ewha as a preparation for mission works for students in school.

<Missionary Scholarship Recipients> learning the founding story of Ewha and visiting Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery

During the summer break, they planned and prepared a program for introducing the founding story of Ewha and exploring the prayer rooms at school. They also made videos and pamphlets for introducing those prayer rooms, and gifts themed on Ewha.

<Missionary Scholarship Recipients> made videos introducing Welch-Ryang Auditorium, Ada Prayer Chamber, and Lee Mihwa Prayer Room at ECC (Top) 

Gifts for students who participated in Explore the Prayer Rooms at Ewha program, and Pamphlets about Life on Ewha Campus (Bottom)

The program introducing the founding story of Ewha and exploring the prayer rooms at school, which was planned by the team of missionary scholarship recipients, took place from March 6th to 10th(Mon.-Fri.) at the beginning of a new semester. Three-hundred students participated in the program and had time for understanding the priceless legacy of missionary works that was passed on to people in Ewha. “Looking through the founding story of Ewha, I came to know the beautiful legacy of missionary works, which I did not know, and I am so happy to have an opportunity to let other students know this in my daily life,” said Ms. Seoyeon Hwang (Sculpture·C’25), a missionary scholarship recipient.

Athel has continued the annual tradition of medical missions from the Upper Room Evangelistic Association since 1971, in summer abroad and winter at home. Comprised of seven students from the College of Nursing in Ewha and twelve from the College of Dentistry in Yonsei University, Athel visited Euipung Church in Danyang, Chungbuk from January 27th to 28th (Fri.-Sat.) during the winter break. At Euipung Church in Danyang, North Chungcheong Province, they delivered the warm love of Jesus Christ to thirty-six residents in the region.

<Team Athel> reciting Charter for Medical Ministry before they start medical ministry as a preparation

“Athel always praises God and recites the Charter for Medical Ministry before starting volunteer work. I think I will never forget the moment when I engraved a sense of duty and responsibility in my mind, recited the charter with other people, feeling a bit nervous,” said Yerin Lee (Nursing·C’24), who participated in medical volunteer work.

After praises and prayers, students of nursing major served medical missions: history taking, blood pressure and blood sugar check, auricular acupressure using puncture stickers, and providing pamphlets for teaching how to take care of patients better. Students from the College of Dentistry did teeth scaling, resin filling, coating dental sealant on teeth, teeth shaving, denture adjustment, and periodontal checkup for the residents.

<Athel> serving medical missions

It was a special time for students to learn God’s love through providing service and love to older people who do not have enough access to medical services. All the students who participated in medical volunteer work practiced Ewha’s Christian spirit, love and service, and completed their passionate two-day medical missions. “Like the Athel tree that provides wide shade to avoid the scorching sunlight of the wilderness even on the dry land, I hope Athel can reach further for those who do not have enough accessibility to medical service,” said Jooyeon Jang (Nursing·C’24).